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Therapy & Spa Offerings

Here at Breathe Healing and Wellness we offer a wide array of beneficial holistic treatments from different cultures blended with modern approaches to replenish you during your stay.  Our nature focused treatments and rituals are inspired by ancient health practices tailored to balance, repair, detox, and de-stress to assist with the transformation of life reset. We hire only trained therapists and teachers with the experience and credentials that we, and you, can trust.

Massage and Bodywork

To aid you on your wellness journey, our specialized practitioners will provide you with unique and exclusive therapeutic services in their most authentic and undiluted forms.   

Lomi Lomi : Traditional Hawaiian Massage

 60min | 90min | 120min  

Pure ancient Polynesian bliss in its true indigenous form.  This sacred transformative bodywork is renowned for its flowing, deep and dance-like rhythmic strokes using the palms and forearms accompanied with passive stretching it provides a relaxing and therapeutic spirit-body experience. 

Ancient Greek :  Traditional Grecian Massage 

 60min | 90min | 120min 

Ancient healing art originating from Egyptian medicine and Hippocrates medical application.  Utilizing

stimulating skin brushing, foot reflexology, dynamic cupping to release deep muscular tension, and beneficial herb infused oil massage.

Hara : Japanese Abdominal Massage

 60min | 90min

A powerful Japanese healing modality helpful in releasing repressed emotion, tension, back pain, digestive disturbances as well as encouraging energy and blood flow.  Techniques applied are pressure point stimulation, rocking, and both soothing and deep circular strokes.

Energetic Points : Acupressure and Reflexology

 60min | 90min | 120min

Ancient Traditional Chinese Medical approach to restoring health physically and energetically. This prescientific theory of vital energy flow is activated by stimulating our self-curative ability using firm pressure, tapping, and kneading along the Meridians and corresponding zones found throughout the body and sole of the foot.

Integrative Profund :  Therapeutic focused sports massage

 60min | 90min

A combination of classic and physio techniques designed to treat musculoskeletal issues.  This firm deeper massage uses less oil, deliberate strokes, friction and pressure for release, movement and alignment.  The primary goal is less about general relaxation and more about promoting change in the actual structure of the body.

Watpo Temple Thai : Traditional southern Thai massage

60min | 90min | 120min

An ancient Buddhist Monk Thai massage whos origins are drawn from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.  Performed without oil upon a mat on the floor fully clothed, It combines acupressure along the Sen energy lines, yoga manipulating the client into gentle elongating stretches, and massage to create a truly holistic experience. 



Tui Na | Anma : Chinese | Japanese traditional massage

 60min | 90min | 120min

Believed to be the oldest form of bodywork this uses Taoist theory in an effort to bring the eight principals of Traditional Chinese medicine into balance. The practitioner may brush, knead, press, roll, rub, grasp, shake, tap and manipulate the body to stimulate energy and blood to regulate the internal organs and vital energy flow.


Siam Herbal Compress : steamed herbal sachet massage

60min | 90min | 120min

A traditional compression massage integrating the power of botanical remedies practiced for thousands of years in Southeast Asia and India.  Poultice sachets of steamed herbs are stamped, kneaded and rocked over the body allowing the combination of warmth, aroma and rhythmic motion to create a deeply soothing experience.

Heated Stone : native hot stone massage

60min | 90min | 120min

 Thermotherapy used in antiquity by native healers around the world traced all the way to China and Egypt.  Accompanied with manual techniques, heated smooth stones are placed along specific points along energy pathways and gently massaged along muscles to relieve any kind of tension or pain in the body.

Enwraps and Buffs

Our body cocoons and scrubs will leave you feeling nurtured, restored and pampered.  Each indulgent treatment has been developed for its natural healing remedy and benefit.

Viva Detox Enwrap

60min | 90min

Mineral rich Rhassoul clay and banana leaves used for detoxification then replenishing new life into your skin with a botanical hydrosol of Rose and hibiscus.  Leaves your body purified, toned, and soothed.  Beneficial for detox, headaches, pain, depression, symptoms of menopause.

Sun Worship Enwrap

60min | 90min

 Natures best cures blended into one treatment for thirsty damaged skin as well as achieving more youthful skin.  Cocoon yourself in Tea Leaf, Aloe and chamomile to restore moisture balance and even skin tone. Finished with our moisturizing infused oil blend.  Beneficial for detox, sunburns, dry skin.

Mayan Ritual Enwrap

60min | 90min

Mayan inspired cacao ceremonial wrap blended with cinnamon.  Flavonoid-rich raw cacao brings nourishment and glow along with antioxidants to support healthy collagen while cinnamon additionally cleanses away accumulated cellulite and fat.  Beneficial for detox, weight loss.

Tropical Escape Enwrap 

60min | 90min

Be present in Paradise with a tropical blend of exotic fruits and curcumin.  Each carefully selected for its bountiful  benefits.  High in antioxidants and nutrients it strengthens your skin, exfoliates, reduces wrinkles and pigmentation.     

 Divine Senses Buff

60min | 90min

 Energize the Senses with this decadent Cacao and Coffee scrub.  Breathe in this luscious antioxidant blend which reduces inflammation, exfoliates, hydrates, enhances elasticity, and minimizes skin pores and wrinkles.

Oba y Ochi Buff  

60min | 90min

Ground yourself with a Earth Harvest Scrub of Maiz and Miel.  This powerhouse of a folk healing treatment gently exfoliates, hydrates deeply, reduces wrinkles, tones, cleans pores, enhances elasticity and glow.

Herbonita Buff 

60min | 90min

Indulge in a blended botany of native indigenous herbs and flowers scrub.  Let Mother nature sooth, renew, and balance your body during this blissful relaxing and medicinally energetic treatment.

Facial Masques

Indulge in Breathe's signature facial masques skillfully formulated using natures most powerful ingredients.  Each of our Biodynamic revitalizing masques incorporate a variety of natural and fresh ingredients unique for their energetic and physical healing properties. 

Shinto Masque  


Yin Masque 

Rhassould clay/rose/hibiscus

Reina Masque


Gaia Masque



Watsu Aquatic Therapy

Watsu Lomi :  Aquatic Massage


Experience this freeing bodywork in our pool, mobilizing your entire body in three dimensions due to the absence of gravity providing you a "floating in the sky" sensation.  Through rhythmic and repetitive movements, the therapist facilitates adjustments by gently stretching, twisting and massaging while you are supported floating on your back.  This deeply relaxing session will release stress, deep tension, reduce chronic pain. 


Hydro-Aroma Whirlpool Spa


Pamper yourself to a blissful Spa (Sanitas per Aqua) Latin for "seeking health through water" in our sunken jetted whirlpool bath accompanied with thoughtful synergetic Aromatherapy.  This multi sensory treatment benefits lymph and blood circulation, stimulation of tissues and skin receptors, reduction of cellulite, inflammation, muscle and joint stiffness, and releases pleasure endorphins to help with relaxation, mood, pain, and sleep.   

Sento Spa :  Hydro-Aroma Whirlpool therapy

A relaxing time to unplug and let the temperature, bubbles and massaging jets whirl you into euphoria. 

 Luxor Spa:  Deluxe Hydro-Aroma Whirlpool therapy

Pamper yourself to the ultimate "me-time escape" and melt your stress away.  Combine your whirlpool and aromatherapy session with an invigorating hair/scalp conditioning treatment, candles, and chocolate fruit tray. 


Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy & Onsen 


A modern improved method of sauna bathing in which the body is heated from the inside out and heals on a cellular level.  Our IR sauna induces a range of curative and health restorative processes at a comfortable temperature, perfect for our tropical warm weather.  Enjoy a session by participating in the complete ritual of a self body scrub in our traditional Japanese style Onsen shower room, then relaxing in Breathe's IR sauna with colored light therapy, following with a second refresh Onsen experience using our organic body delights. 

Japanese Soaking Bath



Immerse yourself in a traditional style Japanese soaking bath filled with warm water blended with botanicals and elemental ingredients for a profound relaxing and therapeutic experience.  Our bath is enclosed within a hardwood dedicated space to promote a quiet private retreat that you can easily find your serene meditative state while absorbing natures bountiful medicine.

Kazan Soak : Inspired from the volcanic mountains. Featuring volcanic mud 

Kaiso Soak : Inspired from the Ocean. Featuring seaweed and sea salt

Sakuya Soak : Inspired from blooming fields of flowers.  Featuring botanical flowers

Shinrin Soak : Inspired from the spirit of the Forest. Featuring medicinal trees and plants

Herbal Steam Bath


Breathe in enveloping scented healing vapors in our traditional wood steam sauna.  Originated in Ancient Greece this therapy will help detox, improve function in your heart, kidneys, immune, and respiratory systems, as well as  lower stress.  Choose from one of our signature treatments from our Apothecary to suit your needs.  

Clarity Steam : Eucalyptus and Mint      air

Awaken Steam : Lemongrass, Lemon Balm, and Orange     earth

Tranquility Steam : Lavender and Rosemary     wood

Sound Therapy 



The powerful healing art of sound vibrational therapy has been favored for thousands of years starting with the Egyptians.  Vibroacoustic therapy helps you reach a deep state of relaxation by absorbing the designed calming tones, where your body can heal naturally, by resetting body functions, vital organs, and chakras while balancing mood and emotions providing you with a more centered, focused, and tranquil feeling at the conclusion of this meditative sound bath session. Benefits include lowering stress, anxiety, blood pressure and pain.

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