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Herbal Tea


We believe nourishment is vital for obtaining health, we place importance in keeping the nutrients we provide you as Mother Nature intended, organic and alive.  We believe going back to natural sources is the healthiest way to root yourself to wellness. 

Breathe's Apothecary Garden features medicinal herbs and edible flowers used in our cuisine, tisanes, and our body care products for therapeutic treatments and for a sensory connection to the bounty of the land.  We strive to partnership with local micro proprietors who benefit the support, to source all other nutritional ingredients, ensuring freshness and sustainability.



This pillar is defined as the Art and knowledge of good eating. Literally translated in ancient greek as "stomach rule."  We must feed the body with what keeps us healthy, supported and strong.   Much illness and imbalance stems from improper eating, todays modern fast paced society does a disservice to most by leading them away from a natural healthy way of consumption and leads us to believe if the label says its healthy, then it is.  We provide a plant based approach of cuisine that is beautiful, enjoyable, and approachable.  We use food and drink as a treatment to heal, looking for opportunities to add superfood ingredients and honoring their nutrient energetics. 

Guests experience the benefits of our nutrient dense, fusion plant based cuisine during their stay, as well as inspiration when they depart. Reinforcing our philosophy to share knowledge, our kitchen features a floor to ceiling glass wall that overlooks the Pacific ocean perfect for hosting cooking classes and is an exquisite setting for vlogging and presentation.

 Our el fresco dining options allows you to enjoy your meals and snacks poolside in our communal Deity Dining Room, fireside lounge or in our stained glass adorned Tea Parlor.

 The Tea Parlor is a comfortable lounging experience decorated with Moroccan lanterns, palm thatch roofing and playful swings.  It boasts unique teas and ingredients for tisanes from around the world so you may experience flavors and remedies from many cultures, as well as the highest quality of artisanal coffee and cacao found in Panama. Fresh handcrafted mocktails, juices, sparkling drinks, infusions and superfood smoothies are accompanied by a menu of snacks and delicacies.


Body Care

Taking care of your body through natural products and ritual plays a beneficial role for our well-being.  Our largest organ in our bodies is the skin which performs several functions very important to the overall health and survival of the body such as protection, sensation, and regulation. In a psychological standpoint the simple act of taking time to pamper yourself allows a time to honor your inner temple and helps with stress management.  Our curative products we use  are naturally derived and based on herbology principals to boost your body.  


Herbal Apothecary

Botantical medicine making, using traditional herbal cures.  Unlike pharmaceutical companies which drugs are a short term solution to a problem, herbs and remedies restore function and are long lasting in a natural manner. We offer classes to teach you to make your own tinctures, salves, decoction, infusions, and hydrosols just like healers for thousands of years used to treat ailments. 

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