Class offerings

Breathe has curated holistic programs aimed to boost your well-being by taking a multifaceted approach to obtain a stronger balanced mind, body and soul.  Our ultimate goal is to teach you the tools to help with your commitment for a healthier lifestyle.


Qi Gong

Feel the power of energy you can harness with our health focused Qi Gong energy excercises. These internal and external forms of TCM consist of soft flowing movements which improve agility, strength, relaxation, body systems, and energy pathways. 





Learn the Art of Meditation as a mind and body practice to relax, focus and develop awareness.  Cultivating stillness will help you achieve a deep inner peace as well as enhance overall health.



  Barre blends elements of ballet, pilates and yoga. Focusing on the lower body and core, developing long lean muscle definition, better posture, and flexibility. 


Aerial Yoga

Combining assisted yoga asanas, dance, calisthenics, stretching as well as acrobatic arts in an antigravity silk hammock. A supportive practice to find alignment and length without stressing or compressing the vertebrae.



 Asana practice to achieve a union between the physical, mental and spiritual states.  Intended to build strength, flexibility, balance and to relax the body and mind through physical postures and breathing techniques.

Yoga in the Garden

Healthy Cooking

Improve confidence, knowledge, and skills to utilize natural ingredients for obtainable and inventive healthy cooking techniques to positively change eating habits for your own personal preventative medicine.



Introduction into preparations of ancestral medicinal uses of herbs, roots, barks and plant material for formulating different easy holistic self care products.  

Natural Herbs

Cacao Alchemy

Starting with Panamas highland cacao beans you will learn how to toast, grind using a hand molino, then create your own delicious raw artisanal chocolate by using an assortment of superfood ingredients and imagination.