Green Leaves

Our mission

Breathe was conceptualized with the goal to be able to provide the tools and knowledge to transform individuals into managers of their own health. We believe that every person resonates differently to modalities and paths to obtain well-being. Our aspiration is to provide a full palette of ancient wisdom healing techniques offered in their most authentic and undiluted form from around the world.  These offerings include energetic and physical therapies as well as innovative holistic treatments.

Our founder

Unwavering from the desire to create a healing space that differs drastically from other wellness or yoga resorts, no external investors or big impersonal work crews were involved keeping the spirit of the space pure. Our founder personally designed and physically built every aspect from the ground up to ensure her passion, attention to detail and loving intention resides throughout the retreat. Breathe's Zen inspired structures envelop an Eastern spirit that places the importance in organic and raw materials which transforms into harmonious healing energy.  With a background career in conventional Western medicine she understands its benefits and role but ironically learned through her own medical difficulties and illness how Western medicine fails people in many ways. Through alternative methods she was able to heal herself and realized her purpose was to assist others find their healing. Our founder has spent her life traveling and studying with gifted healers around the world, seeking to learn the ways of the ancient traditional healing arts from each culture from the source with the hopes of absorbing the wisdom and techniques to preserve the truth and help others in the future. Female created, designed, built and operated Breathe offers an intimate nurturing experience for guests. The core foundation of our vision, purpose and mission translates in a beautiful way here at Breathe, the sanctuary has its own energy of perseverance, attention, intention and love that is absorbed by our guests to help them during their unique journey of healing. 


Breathe encompasses facilities for both day spa services and short-term retreat stays. We feature serene guest rooms, a salt water pool, Tea Parlor and cafe, presentation kitchen , bodywork and hydro-therapy rooms, Infrared sauna, Onsen shower room, herbal steam bath, Japanese soaking tub, rooftop apothecary garden, ocean view terrace bar, fireside lounge with pizza oven, and outdoor poolside projection cinema . In addition, we have a large open 580 sq.ft. oceanfront and river view studio featuring reclaimed hardwood flooring, wall to wall mirrors, dance barre, aerial hammocks, and meditation cushions. We are proud to say that we are Panama's first aerial & barre studio. This space is ideal for a multitude of complementary instructional classes including meditation and aerial levitation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Barre fitness, aerial bodywork, Yoga, martial arts, dance, Pilates, lectures or reception space. 

Nourishment philosophy


Nourishment is a vital role in obtaining well-being, we place importance in keeping the nutrients we provide you as Mother Nature intended, organic and alive. Experience the benefits of our nutrient dense, fusion plant based cuisine during your stay, in your body, as well as inspiration after you depart.  Read more about how we nourish.


Our excursions

Something for everyone, at Breathe...Looking for a bit of adventure and excitement to complement your healing journey.  See our excursions page.


Our location

Breathe is nestled on the pristine Pacific coastline in the charming surf and fishing village of Playa Cambutal, Panama in Central America. We are situated along Panama's most exclusive secluded beaches and surrounded by mountains that lead into the Cerro Hoya National Park. Breathe healing and wellness is a destination that will provide you with the setting and support to unplug from unhealthy distractions and help you along the path of manifesting your peace and health.